Welcome to our site! I hope you enjoy the photographs I have posted here.

      I have been pursuing photography since I was 14 yrs old, when I was introduced to

dark room photography while working with the yearbook club in high school. The images I choose to capture are inspired by my family and influential life experiences.

     My mother’s grandfather came to Sitka, Alaska as a wooden fishing boat builder in the early 1900’s and our family has resided in Sitka ever since. I love to capture the drama and beauty in the work of the fishing boats that work in this area. I grew up boating, hiking and exploring this damp, rugged and scenic country and am passionate about sharing the beauty of our landscapes and wildlife with others.

     I worked as director/captain of Sitka Mountain Rescue for over two decades and developed a deep respect for the men and women from USCG Air Station Sitka, who provided our primary air resource over the years. I strive to show my respect and admiration for their work through my photographs of their training exercises and rescues.

     My son Logan aspires to one day become a pilot for Alaska Air, and has caused me to appreciate the beauty of their planes approaching our tiny landing strip stretched across open water. I purchased Logan his first camera when he turned 8 years old, and our “father and son” outings frequently involve taking our boat out for a good vantage of Alaska Air landings.

     Lastly, I have begun to include travel photography and bird photography through the influence of my lovely bride, Denise, as I have joined her in her travels and work as a bird biologist.

     I am grateful for the beauty of the wilderness and individuals in my life who inspire me on a daily basis, and I hope that my photos are able to bring a portion of that beauty and appreciation into yours. Thank you for visiting my site!



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